JAY MATEL MACHINE TOOLS(INDIA): Leading manufacturers & exporters of quality spare parts for Compressor:

Need for Quality Compressor Spares can not be overemphasized. Since its inception in 1992, JAYMATEL MACHINE TOOLS have specialized in Standard Quality Spares for all types of Compressors and have achieved customer satisfaction consistently all along. Stringent Quality Parameters have been adhered to and constant efforts made to meet needs of our customers more effectively than our competitors through a continual process of Quality improvement. As a result JAYMATEL MACHINE TOOLS have endeared the customer patronage and progressed to present enviable status in the field of replacement parts for Reciprocating Air, Gas, Refrigeration & Marine Compressor. Moreover, universal acceptance of our products has bestowed upon us the strength to skip low and provide our patrons the benefit of price competitiveness. We are, therefore, confident of wider acceptance by dint of constant quality improvement, cutting edge of moderate pricing and customer satisfaction.